Kirsten Krauth

I’m a writer and editor based in Castlemaine. I started out as Assistant Editor at RealTime and edited the OnScreen section. Since then I’ve written a novel, just_a_girl, edited a range of magazines including Australian Author and Newswrite, and written on film, literature and the arts in general for ABC Arts Online, Good Weekend and the weekend papers. I’m currently working on a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Canberra, writing a novel set around the early 80s Melbourne music scene.


I’ve always been drawn to the crossovers between art forms and RealTime is exciting as it offers the opportunity to push boundaries in terms of arts criticism—sometimes I even get to weave in some fiction and memoir! I like the ‘in the moment’ feel of the publication and the way it covers contemporary arts that don’t get much of a look-in elsewhere. I enjoy engaging with visual texts and digital media and most of my fiction revolves around this engagement.

My passions are writing, music, film and photography so I’m most interested in how these worlds collide.

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